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5 Types of Solar Panels Available in the Market Today

Learning Each Type of Panels Available Today

It’s possible that you’re curious about the many kinds of solar panels that are available in the market today. If you are a homeowner, it is likely that you are interested in learning about the benefits offered by various brands of a solar panel. This will allow you to select the model that is most suitable for your requirements. Hence, the following is a list of the various types of panels in the market today:


In order to extract energy from the sun, these make advantage of the photovoltaic effect. Their level of effectiveness fluctuates between 20 and 25 percent. They are more expensive than other models yet have a lower noise level.


They are constructed from a single crystal of silicon. They have an efficiency that ranges from 18 to 20 percent, which is fairly good. Moreover, they are more costly than polycrystalline alternatives. On the other hand, they are more long-lasting.


They are constructed using several crystals of silicon. They have an efficiency that ranges from 15 to 18 percent, which is fairly good. They also have a lower price point compared to their monocrystalline counterparts. On the other hand, they are more fragile.

B Polycrystalline

They are most commonly referred to as thin films. They are constructed from many layers of germanium and silicon. They have a very low profile and a high degree of effectiveness, with efficiencies ranging from 12 to 15 percent.

C Polycrystalline

In some circles, these crystals are sometimes referred to as cadmium telluride. They are fairly pricey, yet their productivity is remarkable despite the fact that they are so inefficient. They have an efficiency that ranges from 21 to 25 percent, which is extremely good. Because of how fragile they are, you shouldn’t put them under too much pressure.

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